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One Tribe Movement

uniting through music & prayerful action
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We are One Tribe


One People, One Nation, One Family. ONE TRIBE is a declaration of our global togetherness. This music is the harmonic convergence of Kelli Love, Jordan Walker, Tubby Love & Amber Lily. Rooted in their love for the land, these artists have come to share inspirations for the healing of the Earth.

ONE TRIBE is gathering to bring music, plant medicines, and the message of oneness to the world. Navigating through challenges that we as a global family face, ONE TRIBE artistically expresses and informs through solution based thinking. Their intention is to unify and ignite local communities with song dance and prayer as a life style in tune with the rhythms of the natural world.




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URGENT! Help deliver proper extreme winter weather gear to STANDING ROCK WATER PROTECTORS. On December 5th, these water protectors and 3 members of One Tribe Movement will return to Standing Rock to deliver extreme arctic winter weather gear to fellow water protecters and front line peaceful warriors who will brave the winter in dedicated efforts to protect the water. This is the first phase of a larger effort to bring $50K of EXTREME WINTER WEATHER GEAR to Standing Rock in December.

This fundraiser will cover recording equipment, mobile studio and transportation for the production, including camera, microphone, instruments and physical production of cds for the youth. 100% of the proceeds from this documentary and album will benefit the OCETI SAKOWIN YOUTH COUNCIL and the children of Standing Rock. They will have full ownership and distribution of the music and be able to produce physical copies of this journey for a lifetime. 


Water is life Tour


bringing musical medicine to the heart of a broken world

One Tribe Movement

What We Stand For

We stand for sustainable and ethical practices in coexistence with our planet and all her inhabitants.  We stand for the protection of our earths natural resources, including water, land and indigenous rights.  We believe in the power of prayer, peaceful action and universal messages of love which inspire and empower our entire human family to stand together in solidarity. 

We bring musical medicine to the heart of humanity in ways which honor and embrace all traditions and belief systems.  We believe We Are In This Together to restore peace and balance back to earth in the best way we can — positive, high vibration musical melodies. 

Musical Medicine

Bringing hope and comfort during a time of trials and tribulations.  Our music aims to heal, unite and spread a message of love and unity.

Why We Stand

To leave a clean and beautiful world for the future generations. We have witnessed and experienced firsthand the atrocities of oil company greed, government manipulation and cultural oppression. Everywhere we go, our presence and music is dedicated to sharing a         message of hope, awakening and healing. We believe music is medicine and has the power to change the world.

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One Tribe

by One Tribe Movement

Current Projects


Stand up - A song for standing rock

The purpose of this song is to bring international awareness to Standing Rock at this critical time, and to encourage people to stand together to face the challenges ahead. STAND UP is a pop anthem call to the world during this time of shift where unity and solidarity is needed. 
We are currently in Los Angeles recording with producers and artists.  We have been tremendously supported to complete this project and are expected to be complete by early December. 


extreme cold weather gear for Standing Rock

We are preparing for winter at Standing Rock.  Temperatures are expected to reach -40 to -65*F.  In these temperatures, without proper gear our water protectors could be seriously injured.  
This project's purpose is to raise funds and donations to outfit at least 100 people in extreme arctic cold weather gear from Military Surplus suppliers - who have already been identified and are standing by!

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